One-Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf w/Aduki Beans

Meyer lemon and goat cheese add depth to this easy but surprisingly complex one-pot meal

Adapted from deensiebat | Food52

Serves 4

4 cups water

2 t salt

2 cups multi-color quinoa, rinsed thoroughly

2 bunches curly kale, stems removed and leaves chopped into ~1" pieces

2, 15oz cans Aduki beans, drained

2 meyer lemons, zested and juiced

4 scallions, minced

2 T olive oil

2 t lemon pepper herb mixtures

1/2 cup crumbled goat cheese

1/4 cup pine nuts (optional)

1.) Bring the water and salt to a boil in a large pot. Add quinoa, cover, and lower heat to simmer for 10 minutes. Top with kale, pour in olive oil, and re-cover. Simmer another 5 minutes then turn off heat. Stir in aduki beans then cover and allow to steam another 5 minutes.

2.) Combine the lemon juice, scallions, and goat cheese in a large bowl. Add pine nuts if desired.

3.) Check quinoa and kale to ensure that water has absorbed and the quinoa is tender but firm. The kale should be tender but still green. If needed steam a bit longer. 

4.) Combine kale/quinoa/bean mixture with cheese mixture and toss to combine. Add lemon pepper mixture and salt/pepper to taste.

Spread on trays and dehydrate at 155F until dry