Steve Roper is either a masochist or in possession of a sick sense of humor, because his High Route starts at the Road’s End trailhead in Kings Canyon National Park, at 5035 ft. On the first day of a long alpine experience, with your heaviest load and in the poorest physical condition of your trip, you’re faced with the toil of a sun-exposed 5600 ft vertical gain
— Leonie Sherman, Adventure Sports Journal


Kings Canyon National Park, CA, USA


~32 miles on-trail, ~17 miles off-trail



Copper Creek

Map: Tom Harrison Kings Canyon High Country Trail Map
GuideBooks: The High Sierra: Peaks, Passes, Trails by RJ Secor, Sierra High Route by Steve Roper, & Kings Canyon National Park by Mike White from Wilderness Press

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NPS Trailhead Info: 

Day 1 Copper Creek to Grouse Lake | 11.8 miles trail + 1.5 miles off-trail | Total climb 6,000' | Total descent 700'

Day 2 Grouse Lake to Horseshoe Lakes via Sierra High Route | 2.2 miles trail + 8.3 miles off-trail | Total climb 3,160' | Total descent 3,100'

Day 3 Horseshoe Lakes to Lake 10,199 in Volcanic Lakes Basin | ~6.4 miles trail + ~3.5 miles off-trail | unknown elevations (GPS died)

Day 4 Lake 10,199 to lower Granite Basin via Granite Pass, with side trip to Granite Lake | ~3 miles trail + ~3.5 miles off-trail | Unknown elevation (gps died)

Day 5 Lower Granite Basin to Copper Creek Trailhead | 8.5 miles trail + 0.5 miles off-trail | unknown elevation (GPS died)